Kate has a BSc in Sports Science & Sports Psychology and is a British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and Foundation Course Tutor and Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer. Ian is a Yoga Alliance Professionals Yoga Teacher. Both are also endurance sports coaches and personal trainers. Kate has a counselling qualification and experience and Ian works with NLP. Both are trained to help with trauma therapy. Please let us know if this is something which you would benefit from.

Kate had a yoga studio in the UK for many years but has now taken her teaching to Portugal in order to be able to offer a peaceful environment in which you can connect with yourself and with yoga in whatever way you need to in this beautiful location. Both Kate and Ian offer sessions.

Kate uses the phrase Yoga For Every Body to describe her yoga. Whilst very much influenced by the history and philosophy of yoga’s origins, Kate seeks to modify what she teaches to align it with modern sports and medical science and to make the yoga work for each person she is teaching rather than expecting the individual to strive for some standardised form. Yoga is, used in this way, suitable for absolutely everyone.

We believe that yoga is a whole body, whole mind, and whole life practice but that each of us begins our journey where we are and chooses our goals. We offer a place where you can practice and experience yoga as you wish to. We can offer you a space in which you can practice as much or as little as you wish. What you learn in the sessions each day can be taken away and practised here as well as when you return to your home.

Ian also provides plant-based meals, with many of the ingredients grown in the garden. You are welcome to spend time learning about the menus and processes Ian uses whilst you stay with us.

We are qualified and insured for all that we offer.
You can see our qualifications here.