Kate is a certified British Wheel of Yoga Teacher, a Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Yoga Teacher, and Sports Specialist Yoga Trainer. She is also a High Performing Triathlon Coach and Personal Trainer.

Ian, is a Yoga Alliance Professionals Yoga Teacher, High Performing Triathlon Coach and Personal Trainer … and creator of amazing food!

We both also have counselling and NLP training between us. We combine all of our knowledge and experience in our yoga teaching.

Kate has been teaching yoga since 2003 (though has taught other sports and activities since 1987). Originally undertaking a two-year British Wheel of Yoga accredited teacher training course at Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales. In 2016 she completed her BSc with The Open University (sports science and sports psychology). Ian’s journey to teaching yoga was via an intensive Zen Yoga teacher training course, following a number of years practising a variety of eastern movement styles. We have since added to our learning by training with experienced teachers including Leslie Kaminoff, Ray Long, Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Lee, Zoe Knott, and Bob and Be Insley, amongst many others.

Our teaching is a blend of the traditional hatha yoga we practise and have learnt over many years, combined with up-to-date sports science and sports psychology information. Whilst very much influenced by the history and philosophy of yoga’s origins, we seek to modify what we teaches to align it with modern sports and medical science and to make the yoga work for each person we are teaching rather than expecting the individual to strive for some standardised form. Yoga is, used in this way, suitable for absolutely every body.

As one of our teachers said, “Postures don’t have alignment. Individuals do.” We are both believers in thinking about movements and movement patterns rather than conforming to a rigid ‘exercise’ and will help you to be creative with how you use and experience yoga.

In 2020 we began offering our yoga retreats and courses in Portugal. We have a beautiful rural location for our retreat. We are based close to Miranda do Corvo in the Coimbra district, accessible from Porto and Lisbon airports. Ian is a very accomplished plant based chef and responsible for all the delicious meals you will enjoy, with many of the ingredients grown in the retreat garden. (You are welcome to spend time learning about the menus and processes Ian uses whilst you stay with us.)

We offer small retreats for 1-4 people on dates to suit you. The retreat is surrounded by our extensive garden and woodlands so you can stay within the grounds of the retreat, simply enjoying the yoga sessions, pool and solitude there, or also take yourself for walks in the forest and hills all around. We believe that yoga is a whole body, whole mind, and whole life practice but that each of us begins our journey where we are and chooses our goals. We offer a place where you can practice and experience yoga as you wish to. You can practice as much or as little as you wish. What you learn in the sessions each day can be taken away and practised here as well as when you return to your home.

We have previously offered 200 hour intensive teacher training courses. We are now focussed on offering Continuing Professional Development days/weeks in order to enable yoga teachers to refine their teaching to ensure what they teach is safe, effective, enjoyable, and knowledgeable. Our courses are for 1-4 people so you maximise your learning. We also now offer a blended-learning online training option. For this you can choose how you make up your time with face-to-face training with us either online or residentially here at mutually arranged times.

We are also able to offer online one-to-one yoga sessions in our studio here or in your home via the internet.

Please feel free to contact us to ask any questions so that we can help you find the yoga retreat you need.

If your interest in our work is primarily focussed on sports-related yoga, you may also wish to visit our Swim Bike Run Yoga website. We also have our KI Coaching website dedicated to our sports coaching.

We are qualified and insured for all that we offer.
You can see our qualifications here.

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